The above picture is of the Newman family store in Havestraw New York. The picture was taken in the late 1980's. I had lived nearby in the village of Nyack. It was a return, of sorts, of the Newman family to Havestraw. The village then, as I am sure still is, was of a primarily Hispanic population.

NEWMAN ... Kevin Newman

I prefer my pancakes shaken not stired ...

The two most influential television personalities, during my 'formative' years, were Soupy Sales, and 'Mr. Wizard' (aka Don Hurbert ). To those who know me, this would explain a lot.

When not working out the bugs and links, editing my digitized photos (or creating graphics) for my new web site, I enjoy cycling the back roads of the Hudson Valley. I am a member of Adventure Cycling.

Out of necessity I cook, and on occasion I actually enjoy this endeavor.

As nice as New York is to visit, I would very much like to re-locate.